Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University is considered as one of the largest and prestigious medical institutions in Russia and the whole Europe. The University is a leading educational medical institution providing training for doctors, pharmacists, clinical psychologists and social workers.

The world’s first Faculty of Pediatrics was opened at the RNRMU that later served in other universities around the world as a model for the creation of such departments. Moreover, RNRMU became the first medical institution in the world that opened the School of Biomedicine in 1963.

At Pirogov University study more than 12,000 students from all over the world annually under the different programs of higher professional education and about 10,000 students study under the programs of additional professional education.

Nowadays, RNRMU is a modern scientific and educational institution with a developed infrastructure and its includes a wide choice of educational, scientific and medical departments and centres. The university provides specializations of the highest level in such programs as clinical medicine, biomedicine, pharmacy, psychology and social work.

The university is progressing every day and is actively involved in the development of a system of advanced training and accreditation of students for medical activities.

We also attach great importance to pre-university training and the search for talented students. We offer different activities such as a Summer Medical School, master classes, special lectures every week and even the preparatory courses in Russian or English.

Since 1959, our university has been accepting more and more foreign students of different nationalities every year. Moreover, since 2013, all students of our university have a great opportunity to study in English language and even choose a double degree programs at any European universities.

The University organizes many academic activities in more than 115 academic faculties, which are divided into eight different faculties. More than 2000 teachers offer lectures and seminars, practical classes in laboratory in the natural, humanitarian and medical sciences in more than 250 courses.

The University is actively involved in researching and implementing our developments in clinical practice. In 2010 the University received the prestigious status of a National Research University as the only one medical training center.

On the basis of the university are various clinical centers that provide the most modern and effective treatment for adults of all ages and children. Preclinical and clinical active researches of various new drugs, testing of medical equipment by scientists of the highest category conducts by specialists and scientists of the highest category.

Russian National Research Medical University will be glad to accept students from all over the world. The road to the future begins with the first step and we would be happy to help you to choose the right direction. We will provide you with optimal conditions for efficient studying at our University. There is а comfortable dormitory for our students, wonderful sport center, library, which provides access to study materials and Internet excess, where you can get all the needed information for learning on-line. We also have а very nice recreation camp located on the Volga where you can spend wonderful holidays in the winter and the summer.

We are constantly improving our curricula and developing the structure of the University. In 2019, we entered the respected international ratings of educational organizations “THE” and “QS”.