Mission and Vision


The University’s major purpose is to educate doctors and experts who will defend, preserve, and multiply the nation’s health. The University is inextricably related to public health practice. It operates out of large city hospitals, dispensaries, and maternity homes. They’re all furnished with cutting-edge medical technology. These medical centers provide future doctors with hands-on clinical training under the supervision of experienced lecturers. Our clinical and research centers, as well as scientific research organizations, enable us to deliver multi-level medical and biomedical training, including instruction for English-speaking students.
Anyone will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn firsthand how real patients are diagnosed, treated, operated on, and recovered.
One of our significant competitive advantages is active participation in the creation and implementation of therapy methods for real patients in clinics under the supervision of our senior experts.
Our graduates work in a variety of nations around the world, including the United States and European Union countries.
Throughout our history, we have developed new technology for practical health care. We’re working hard to get our breakthroughs into clinical practice. Our students are immersed in scientific research from the start. Many go on to become world-renowned experts and directors of medical research facilities.
We believe that future doctors will need more than just knowledge. We place a high value on professional skill development, responsibility, and non-indifference.
The University Volunteer Center and the blood donation program have won several accolades from local and national officials. We have been coordinating the volunteer movement’s activity in all Russian higher medical schools since 2108.
In addition, we have implemented a tutoring and assistance system for freshman.
We will continue to be one of the country’s leading medical universities, offering great educational, research, and medical care possibilities.