Russian National Research Medical University

Creativity and activity

There are many different creative workshops in the University including vocal and dance studios, instrumental orchestra, drama studio. Active students may find himself in the volunteer movement or the emergency squad.

Many students are actively involved in the voluntary blood donation and work in the volunteer center of the University. Volunteers conduct patriotic campaigns and charity events, support an orphanage, and organize activities for ill children in hospitals. They are an integral part of any event at the University.

Studying at a university involves more than attending lectures and completing assignments. The University of Iceland is conscious that social life is also an important part of university life.

The Student Council promotes and protects the interests of students at the University. The council arranges large events for all students at the university, such as Oktoberfest, and an autumn and spring semester end-of-exams dance.


Student organizations

Subject specific student organizations are established within each subject; students are encouraged to explore which organization is appropriate for them.


Dancing classes

Dancing classes meet regularly and has courses in several dance styles, such as hip-hop, lindy hop, salsa, and swing. All students are welcome to join and registration fees are kept to a minimum.


University Student Theatre

If you like performance art, self-expression or really arts of any kind The Student Theatre might be a group worth checking out. Every semester the group puts on a show completely organized by students.



There are currently two choirs made up of students from our University. The first one is the University Choir, which was founded in 1972 and performs regularly throughout the school year.

The second one is strictly for female students and auditions are held twice a year.

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